My interest lies in the surfaces, structures and textures, which- materially or optically, as a product of decaying or new order creating processes- accumulate on the edges of urban reality. I visit places and dedicate my attention towards object clusters and solitary items, which, being marginal figures in the proceeding civilization could perform an outstanding liaison with humankind if it were not denial and dismissal excluding them from fundamental processes of our daily life so successfully. Rubbish dumps, sewage works, slaughterhouses- I focus on these virtual coherences, without dissociating from the material or documental view. Overhead shots and excerpts outline do catalogue the surfaces: In the interspace between analytical photography and poetic experiment a liberty can be acquired akin to the liberty of painting. With the so acquired concentration of formal qualities, I refurbish associational regions that source their questions from microscopic cross sections or landscape photography as well as their epistemological and art-theoretical conditions of reception. The final documental image, so I hope, does with this not deny its intrinsic inscrutability and the imposture of its visual set-ups. Occasionally the image will dissolve completely, akin to the captured material. The shaped structures, now set free, allow new thoughts, new alliterations of chemical and social transformation procedures, structural analogies of unknown and unnamed significances, to evolve.